Sunday, February 21, 2010

Migrating to Google Apps for Education

We've made the decision - now it's time to move... Our district has been contemplating the switch to Gmail for some time, but a recent scare with our current email server has convinced our Tech Services department to take the leap. We are now in the beginning phases of deployment. What this really means is that, as one of the tech leaders, it is time for me to do some serious research and planning. While many of our teachers and staff will be excited and dive right into the new system, we all know the other side of the story. There will be a large number of people who won't accept this adjustment lightly, and it will be my job to help them through. Fortunately, that is one of the things I love about my job. While scouring the web and "playing" with our test site, I have found some interesting sites that will help us through.

This seems to be an excellent starting point:

FAQs are always helpful:

Google Apps Education Community, a site to share, connect & learn

Kathy Schrock's Blog - Ideas for the effective use of Google Apps (includes student email permission slip)

If you have any helpful hints, ideas or questions feel free to comment!

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Lydia said...

Google Apps has been life changing for our school. It's allowed us to "move walls" so kids can work with other kids outside of classes. It's increased feedback to students from teachers and back again. Many of us are using the Sites feature to make online classrooms. We could never go back!